Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to reduce stomach fat

By reducing stomach fats you not only look good but feel good as well. It is the key to physical smartness. Reducing stomach fats takes a lot of consideration and a well maintained physique with low fats cannot be achieved without proper implementation of a number of factors.

One should have at least 12% body fats not more not less for a good looking physique. Before we move on to the exercises that could actually help you reduce stomach fats you should know what other factors are involved.

1. Diet:

Diet is the basic factor that affects the reduction and increment of body fats. A low calorie yet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins would do the favor.

2. Types of exercise:

Let’s not talk about weight lifting here. That’s a misconception that could lead you towards having more fats than actually reducing them. Exercises that could reduce your stomach fats are cardio exercises and aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, running, stretch exercises, crunches and the like.
These exercise burn your stomach fats and it is necessary to take proper diet before the exercise starts burning your muscles as well.

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