Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stomach Exercise

You often ponder over the secret of having the slim and smart chic look and search through various sources to get your answers. You get a handful of knowledge about various exercises and how to get lean. But do you get your desired results? Let’s face it…being muscular makes you look fat and heavy and it is no way the threshold of looking lean. What one needs to know is that putting on weight or getting ripped won’t make you beautifully lean or muscular but can have adverse affects on you.

There are times when you really wish to look your best, whether it is your high school reunion or a wedding to remember, and above all, looking all glamorous in your swimsuit when you stretch out in the hot sun and never ending deep blue sea, these and many more other times, you wish to have your 3 S, which are smart, slim and sexy but what if your body is not in proper shape and most of the time the major concern is your figure and to be precise, your stomach.

Most of us are mistaken with the fact that having a flatter stomach makes you look pretty or smart, obviously who doesn’t want to look all beautiful and breathe taking. According to the medical research, it has been proved that taking care of your daily diet and exercises for your stomach are really important.

Medical evidence suggests that people that carry extra weight around the stomach tend to be more likely to develop serious medical conditions, including diabetes. The stomach is also the core of the body, this means that the stronger and healthier the core is, the more likely the rest of the body will be as well. Consider a person with back problems, which is a common problem with many people. These people benefit greatly from doing exercises to flatten their stomachs. This will help improve posture and relieve tension in the back as access weight is removed from the center of the body. When a stomach is flat, it also helps the person to walk taller and straighter, giving the person more confidence and improves their overall looks compared to a person that walks hunched over.

Stomach Toning Exercises

The best stomach toning exercises are the ones that put stress on the abdomen muscles directly and indirectly on the side abs which are the obliques. The misconception about stomach toning is that you need not to eat anything and it will get flat. However this is not true. Stomach muscles are just like other muscles present in your body and therefore they need to be trained in the same way.

Some stomach toning exercises are given below:

1. Crunches:
There are various forms of crunches and each of them is a great way of toning your stomach. One should perform crunches very accurately as the stress should be on the abdominal area. If it’s not performed like that then it’s of no use.

2. Hanging raise:
there are a number of ways in which hanging raise could be performed such as hanging knee raises, hanging curls and hanging lower raise. Also hanging crunches is another very effective exercise. These hanging raises really put stress on your abs and shape to up to quite an extent if they performed accurately.

3. Jackknife:
Another great exercise to tone up your stomach is jackknife as it really exerts force on your abs and makes them noticeable.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to reduce stomach fat

By reducing stomach fats you not only look good but feel good as well. It is the key to physical smartness. Reducing stomach fats takes a lot of consideration and a well maintained physique with low fats cannot be achieved without proper implementation of a number of factors.

One should have at least 12% body fats not more not less for a good looking physique. Before we move on to the exercises that could actually help you reduce stomach fats you should know what other factors are involved.

1. Diet:

Diet is the basic factor that affects the reduction and increment of body fats. A low calorie yet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins would do the favor.

2. Types of exercise:

Let’s not talk about weight lifting here. That’s a misconception that could lead you towards having more fats than actually reducing them. Exercises that could reduce your stomach fats are cardio exercises and aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, running, stretch exercises, crunches and the like.
These exercise burn your stomach fats and it is necessary to take proper diet before the exercise starts burning your muscles as well.